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Chembus visits the school

Chembus visits the school

Pupils experimenting

On the 20th February 2013 S2 pupils were treated to a visit from the University of St Andrew's Chembus. Pupils were first given various demonstrations involving nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Flowers placed in liquid nitrogen by pupil volunteers were instantly turned glass like and bananas placed in liquid nitrogen were then shown to be of use to hammer in nails should the need arise when no hammer is available. Pupils were also treated to flying bugs through the production of carbon dioxide and popping balloons filled with nitrogen gas. Pupils were then split into four groups to gain some hands on experience of various experiments including turning copper coins to gold, making coloured slime and filling balloons with carbon dioxide from dry ice. In all a great experience was had by all S2 pupils showing them that chemistry has lots to offer.

You can view the photogallery here

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