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Modern Languages Homework

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S1 Homework                                                             S2 Homework                                                                   S3 Homework

French Vocabulary                                                       Answer Sheet

Modern Languages Homework schedule 


Learning                                                                       Most French days

Speaking a language depends on being able to produce the words and phrases you need in different contexts.  There are many resources to help you, but in most practical situations you need to rely on your own resources: you need to have the basic language patterns at your fingertips.  Learning homework helps you build your knowledge of these patterns.  Once learned, they provide connections which make learning other languages much easier!

Top Tip: First learn to recognise words.  Then learn to produce them.  Finally learn to join them up in phrases.  


Choice Homework                                             Every week till Xmas

You can choose whatever interests you from the sheet, from cultural investigations to grammar points.  This is your chance to show off your presentation skills.  If your work is displayed, it will be seen by pupils in other classes and year groups too.

Top Tip: Use colour/collage/fonts to enhance your work.


Speaking and Writing Presentations                            One of each per term

Once you have created a draft of what you want to say, and checked it for accuracy, you will need to prepare to present it.  It will take several practices over about two weeks to be ready.  The time and effort put in here is where you will reap the most reward, and feel justly proud of the result - speaking or writing without support!

Top Tip: Divide your work into 3-6 sections, and use cue cards as prompts.  Practice speaking in front of a mirror to improve your presentation technique. 


Homework Booklet                                            Every week from Xmas

These articles are on the issues we are studying. 

Top Tip: Try to understand all of the text, and use the questions as a check for your understanding. 



Want to listen to young French people, or read their blogs?

You can listen to French radio while you are on the computer: put Radio Junior into Google search.  There are lots of things here to try, but don’t expect to understand everything.  A little often is the secret.