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New Internet Safety initiative

A new partnership between the Internet Watch Foundation and ChildLine to help young people get sexually explicit images removed from online.

ChildLine and the Internet Watch Foundation have joined together to provide help and advice for young people about how they can get sexually explicit images of themselves removed from online. "Sexting", sending explicit images to friends, is increasingly common and young people often do not appreciate the risks of this behaviour and how these images may end up in places they never intended and may become public. This new initiative aims to show young people what they can do about it.

ChildLine have also developed an app for young people called Zipit. "The app offers witty images to send instead of explicit ones, advice for how to engage in safe chat, what to do if you feel threatened or if an image becomes public and a direct link to call ChildLine." The app will be available later this month.

This Press Release gives more detailed information. There is useful information for parents and carers on sexting on the NSPCC website