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Literacy Across Learning

An S1 course developing literacy skills across the curriculum

The Literacy across learning : Principles and Practice document  defines  literacy as “The set of skills which allows an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language, and the range of texts, which society values and finds useful”.  One of the elements of literacy highlighted is Critical Literacy: “In particular, the experiences and outcomes address the important skills of critical literacy. Children and young people not only need to be able to read for information: they also need to be able to work out what trust they should place on the information and to identify when and how people are aiming to persuade or influence them” .

The S1 Literacy Across Learning course led by Miss Archer, PT English, Mrs Low, Literacy Co-ordinator and Miss Scott, LRC Co-ordinator works with departments across the school on developing these literacy skills within a wide range of contexts and shows how these skills are transferable.