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Dundee Pupil Mentoring Initiative

Menzieshill High School Mentoring Programme

Dundee City Council Education Department has established a pupil mentoring programme in Menzieshill High School.  Mentors from the business community will provide support to help pupils gain a better understanding of the world of work and the skills necessary to progress into positive, sustained destinations.


Ten pupils have been invited to join this two year programme and have met on several occasions to prepare for their work with their mentors this term.


The S3 pupils selected for the programme are

  • Sam Barclay
  • Bradley Evans
  • Kerri Giblin
  • Megan Henderson
  • Morgan Kenyon
  • Ami Lovett
  • Megan Pope
  • Beth Robson
  • Kieran Stuart
  • Emma Whitelaw


Well done to all the pupils. We are sure they will enjoy the programme and develop their skills and abilities.


In preparation for the programme pupils have worked with Mr. McIntyre in the art department creating a template all about themselves. They have also taken part in a group activity with staff and senior pupils in the HE department at Christmas time.  


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